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Chancellor Swim Club is a privately-owned club. Full Membership is limited to 225 households who share ownership of the pool.

There are two types of membership:

A “Full Member” is part owner of the pool. There are one time fees associated with joining. These fees include a one-time refundable stock fee of $400 and a one-time nonrefundable joining fee of $200. Once you become a member, there are annual dues to maintain the pool facility and grounds. The current membership dues for 2018 are $425. The 2018 total cost of becoming a new “Full Member” is $1025.  Once you have become a full member, you would only have to pay the annual  dues.  If prices remain the same for 2019, the cost for the 2019 season would be $425.

An “Associate Member” is “NOT” part owner of the pool. The dues for the use of the pool facility and grounds for 2018 are $525. You may only be an associate member once. If you decide to join as a full member after your associate membership expires, $100 of the $525 dues will be used as part of your joining fee for the following year.  This means that you would only be charged $100 for your joining fee.  The total cost to join the club as a Full Member in 2019 after being an associate member in 2018 would be $925.

Membership dues may change from year to year, depending on operational costs increases.  The fees above are only guaranteed for the 2018 membership year.

For information about payment plans, please see our membership dues page.

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