Reminder, Lost and Found, and Bingo

We hope you are enjoying your experience at Chancellor Swim Club this summer!

Please note the following:

  • Children may jump off the diving board with a secure, personal flotation device that attaches to the body. There is no jumping off the diving board or jumping from the side of pool onto any detached flotation device (ie: rafts, inner tubes). Detached flotation devices may not be used when there are more than 40 people in the pool. Guards have the discretion to further limit detached floats if safety or visibility is a concern.
  • Please help keep our pool in good condition by ensuring wrappers and all trash are in the proper receptacles before leaving.
  • Please lower your umbrella before leaving.
  • We have many items in the lost and found. Thank you for coming by to collect any missing items.
  • A Bingo and Movie Night will be co-hosted by the pool and the swim team this month. Look for details soon!