Membership Dues

As a member-owned pool, there are one time fees associated with joining.  These fees include a one-time refundable stock fee of $400 and a one-time nonrefundable joining fee of $200. Once you become a member, there are annual dues to maintain the pool facility and grounds.

2020 Fee Structure “Full Membership”

The dues for 2020 are $465. Due to the undetermined opening date, the Chancellor Swim Club Board voted unanimously to have two separate billings for dues this year. This first invoice is for $300, due by May 20. These funds will allow us to have the pool ready to open and fulfill our early season financial obligations. As we know more about a definite opening date, we will then issue the second billing, which will be up to $165.

Annual Dues and Late Fee charges for existing members will be applied on the following dates

  • After June 1— $50 late fee 
  • After July 1— $100 late fee
  • After August 1— $150 late fee

Annual Dues for new “Full Members” joining the week of:

  • TBD

2020 Fee Structure “Associate Membership”

Summer Dues for associate memberships will be established once pool open date has been established

  • TBD

Memberships with Payment Plans

Please contact for more information on payment plans


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