Pool Parties

The Chancellor Swim Club is available for parties.  There are 2 types of parties that members can have at the pool.

Parties During Pool Hours

Chancellor swim club members are entitled to have pool parties with up to 10 guests*.


  1. Members must contact a manager at least 14 days before the party for scheduling purposes.
  2. Requests for parties during regular hours do NOT reserve sections of the pool for your individual party.
  3. Members and guests of the party must abide by all pool rules and regulations.
  4. Members must accompany guests during the party.

*Guests fees apply

Private Parties during Normal Closed Hours

The Chancellor Swim Club may be rented by members for private use between the normal closed hours of 9pm-11pm during the regular summer pool season. It may also be rented on Sat/Sun mornings between the hours 9am-12noon provided there isn’t a pool activity scheduled such as swim lessons, swim team, in-service training, etc.

The rental fee for a 2 or 3 hour period is based on the following scale of participants at the party:

  • Parties of 1-25 : $75 per hour
  • Parties of 26-50 : $100 per hour
  • Parties of 51-100 : $125 per hour
  • Parties of 101+ : $150 per hour (Upon board approval)


  • Reservations requests must be made 7 days prior to the event by filling out the Pool Rental Agreement and including a $25 non-refundable deposit.
  • These rental costs include the cost of lifeguards, usage of pool/facilities, and any guest fees.
  • All persons using the pool facilities during private rental functions do so at their own risk and in compliance with all rules and regulations. (You can view the list of rules and regulations for the Chancellor Swim Club by downloading the CSC Pool Rules.)
  • The lifeguard in charge is responsible for strict enforcement of all regulations which are a part of this contract. He/she has the authority to suspend the rental activities for violation of these regulations or for any other reason which, in his/her judgment, constitutes a hazard to persons or property. If a function must be terminated for such reasons, no portion of the rental fee is refundable, and Chancellor Swim Club, Inc. is not liable for any other costs or damages incurred by the renter. The lifeguard in charge will immediately notify the Directors with regard to enforcement actions.
  • Chancellor Swim Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property of any kind or for any bobily injury resulting from the use of these facilities.

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