Selling Your Stock

It may become necessary for you to sell your membership stock.  When you terminate your membership, you are reimbursed your deposit when your stock is sold to a new member, there may be a waiting period.

Please follow these steps to make sure you are correctly reimbursed your deposit when your stock is sold.

  1. Download and complete the Sale of CSC Membership Stock form.
  2. Sign and date the bottom line on your CSC Stock Certificate provided to you when you joined the pool.
  3. If you do not have your CSC Stock Certificate in your possession, download and complete the CSC Lost Stock Certificate formIf your stock has been lost, please contact the Treasurer to obtain your stock number.  
  4. Mail the forms to:
    • Chancellor Swim Club
      ATTN: CSC Treasurer
      6040 Plank Road
      Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Once the forms and/or your CSC Stock are received, they will be placed in cue for sale along with the postmarked envelope they were sent in.  When your stock is sold to a new member, the CSC Treasurer will mail your original deposit amount minus any outstanding balance to the requested address on the Sale of CSC Membership Form.

It is important to note the following schedule for terminating your stock.


 Postmark Date  Annual Dues Member is Responsible For
Prior to May 1 Zero
Between May 1 and May 31 Late Fee of $50 Assessed
After May 31 Prorated Amount Based on Postmark Date and Any Late Fees